Bronx Auto Shop Doubles as Exotic Bird Store

Shirely Hernandez checks in with a bird at her Bronx pet shop. Elizabeth Barber | The Bridge

Leaning over a car’s open trunk in a small Fordham Road storefront, John Paula doesn’t notice the bright red parrot toddling around his feet. He’s busy, carefully installing bass speakers that will make the car throb with the hip-hop beats that pulse through the neighborhood.

Besides, renegade birds are common here.

Wedged between a Toyota dealership and a live poultry shop, 248 West Fordham Road is home to two businesses: JV Auto Sound and JV Pet Shop.

It’s a hybrid auto and pet shop where the incessant squawk of birds competes with a stereo booming danceable Spanish tracks and where mechanics two-step around their feathered friends bobbing at their ankles.

For more on the auto/pet shop hybrid, see here at DNAinfo.


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